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Reasons to go to an Emergency Dentist

No matter the severity, experiencing a dental issue can be painful and leave you wondering what to do. At 3rd South Dental, our dentist Dr. Andrew Theurer is an emergency dentist who is available and trained to treat any dental emergency you may be experiencing. Being located here in Salt Lake City, Utah, gives a great position to assist and help anyone in the Salt Lake area who wants and requires dental attention. 

For more information, see our Emergency Dentist Service Page.


What is considered a dental emergency? 

Since we care deeply about your teeth and oral health, we would consider any possible damage or issue that could cause damage to your natural teeth a dental emergency. That being said, multiple dental problems don’t require immediate attention to be saved. Types of troubles that we would encourage you to make an appointment for as soon as possible would be: 


  • Toothache: minor toothaches can temporarily manage the pain with over-the-counter medication can wait to be seen and diagnosed. It is encouraged to make an appointment at your earliest convenience.  


  • Minor Chips: small chips in the teeth are something that you might not notice until weeks or months after it occurs. If it is not causing you pain, you can wait until you find it necessary to have it fixed through cosmetic bonding. 


We hate seeing our patients in pain and fear due to a dental emergency. For the following troubles, we would urge you to call us immediately so we can help alleviate pain and develop a treatment plan: 


  • Broken Tooth: A fractured tooth is when a considerable portion of your tooth has been broken off due to blunt force trauma. In this case, we urge you to locate the broken piece and bring it into our office immediately. When it comes to a broken tooth, we try to reattach the part to save the original tooth. 


  • Knocked-Out Tooth: In the event of a knocked-out tooth, we would also urge you to locate the tooth and keep it moist, either by putting it back into the tooth’s socket or placing it in a glass of milk. It is possible to set the natural tooth back into position in some cases. 


  • Severe Decay or Infection: An abscessed tooth will present itself by changing color and the gum tissues around the tooth appearing swollen and infected. Infection of the gum tissue could mean an abscessed tooth or periodontal disease. Both of these issues could result in tooth loss, and we would urge you to see us immediately. 


Why see an Emergency Dentist? 

Dr. Theurer is specially trained and educated in treating and caring for a dental emergency. Seeing an emergency dentist for emergency dental care will ensure you that you are only receiving the best care possible and that you are in good hands. Not only will Dr. Theurer be giving you the best care, but our entire team at 3rd South Dental. 


We understand that experiencing a dental emergency is scary and painful. In an emergency, we don’t want our patients to fear or worry about not receiving immediate treatment. If you are located in the Salt Lake City, Utah area or just passing through, and are experiencing a dental emergency, give our dental office a call.