3rd South Dental

3rd South Dental Cares Prevention Program

3rd South Prevention Program

Exam, Cleaning, Fluoride Treatment, and 1 set of X-rays for free**

Taking a dvantage of this p lan will help you improve your dental health by c oming to the
dentist every 6 months. In addition, you will also receive:

  • 25% off - Lab-based dental work (crowns. bridges, implants, & endodontics)
  • 30% off - Chair-side dental work (white fillings, oral surg ery, night guards}
  • 50% off - Periodontal cleanings (deep cleaning)
  • 25% off - Cosmetic (veneers. teeth whitening}
  • 25% off - Emergency exam and x-ray

Additional benefits of our in-office program:

  • No annual maximum restrictions and no deductible to pay
  • No insurance claims or complicated EOB 's to decipher
  • No waiting p eriods -you con begin treatment today!
  • No preau thoriza tion required
  • Cosmetic d entistry is included

With enrollment in program. Enrollment fee $1 20/6 months or $2 oa a year. Children age 13 and under ($135/6 months or $270 a year). There is an upgrade of $25 for periodontal maintenance.

A 6-month commitment is required to participate, which is non-refundable. If the plan lapses due to nonpayment, reinstatement will be mode when all past-due payments are reconciled. Your effective dote is the date you sign up and will be you renewal dole each year. There is no ID cord required, as all membership information is kept in your electronic record. All payments for dental work a re due at time of service. If you are referred to a specialist, this program will not apply. This program cannot be combined with any other plan, and is non-transferable. If you choose to extend your payment for treatment by paying through CareCredit, the discount on each service will be reduced by 10%. This program is subject to updates annually.