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When it comes to needing orthodontic treatment for misaligned teeth or wanting it to enhance your smile, some may have reservations when thinking about needing traditional metal braces. Although traditional braces are popular among children and even adults, there are some patients at 3rd South Dental that would like a more subtle way to correct their smile. Wanting to do everything we can for our Salt Lake City, Utah patients, we offer Invisalign as an orthodontic option. 

Many have heard about Invisalign, but are unsure how the treatment works and what to expect. Please keep reading to learn more about how Invisalign straightens teeth and if it would be a good option for you. 


Treatment Process 

The Invisalign treatment is a 10-12 month orthodontic plan that utilizes the use of clear retainer sets to straighten patients’ teeth. To receive these retainer sets, you will need to meet with the dentist to determine your exact treatment plan and so that we can take molds of your teeth to make the retainers. 

These clear retainers are custom-made to fit your teeth exactly by forming dental plastic over your teeth molds. The series of retainer sets are made to eventually, at the end of treatment, put your teeth into place. Each set will slightly push your teeth into the position for the next set that continues progress. You will be given a new set every 2-4 weeks throughout the entire 10-12 month period. 

Other than receiving a straight smile in the most subtle way possible, other benefits of Invisalign include: 

  • Most patients are self-conscious about having a mouth full of metal, while using Invisalign our patients can maintain confidence in their smile. 
  • Retainers have to be worn for 22 hours out of the day, only being removed to eat, brush and floss. This increases the cleanliness of the teeth during orthodontic treatment. 
  • The Invisalign treatment process is generally quicker than traditional braces. 


If you have been wanting a straighter smile, please stop hesitating and give us a call at 3rd South Dental to speak to one of our dentists! We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and are happy to help anyone in the area interested in Invisalign!