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Emergency Dentist in Salt Lake City, Utah

Emergency Dentistry 3rd South Dental Dentist in Salt Lake City, UT

3rd South Dental wants all of our patients in the Salt Lake City, Utah area to know that if they need emergency dental care, they can count on us to help relieve pain and solve the problem. We participate in daily activities where accidents happen and sometimes they require emergency dental care. If someone in your family requires emergency dentistry, please contact us right away! 

When it comes to emergency dentistry we understand that our patients are most likely experiencing a significant amount of pain and discomfort, it is our top priority to relieve pain first then fix the problem at hand. 

In our office, we offer emergency dentistry exams that include getting you in to see us as soon as possible, using x-rays and an examination to diagnose a problem and the treatment plan. Depending on the emergency at hand, the patient may have to be sent home with medication to reduce swelling and infections for us to operate. 

These exams differ from normal comprehensive dental exams and should only be requested by the patient if they are in an emergent situation. 


Types of Emergency Dentistry


Although we would categorize and dental problem that could significantly harm your tooth as a dental emergency, there are common dental issues that we would consider a dental emergency including: 


Broken Teeth or Trauma to Teeth

Due to blunt physical trauma to the face or mouth area, your teeth can break teeth or knock a tooth or multiple teeth out. 


Constant Swelling & Bleeding of Gums 

If our gums are constantly swollen and bleeding, it’s a good indication that there could be an infection in that part of the gum tissue. At 3rd South Dental we take gum disease very seriously, so please contact us. 



If you can tell that there is something wrong with one of your teeth because it is loose, discolored, and infected, please come see us immediately. 


Don’t Hesitate to See a Dental Emergency Professional

Having an emergency with a tooth or multiple teeth can be scary, but it is very important to get them checked out and treated immediately. If you are in the Salt Lake City, Utah area and believe you require emergency dental care, please give us a call and ask for an emergency exam.