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Emergency Dental Exams

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About Emergency Dental Exams

Accidents do happen and sometimes they can result in you needing urgent dental care. Your mouth is sensitive and any chipped tooth, fracture or lost filling can cause a lot of pain and discomfort that can lead to sleepless nights and not being able to eat properly. In such a case, you can always rely on our dentists, as we promise to get you in as quick as possible and have your dental health restored as soon as your condition will allow.

What can be done

3rd South Dental conducts emergency dental exams on patients that find themselves in an urgent situation. These exams consist of digital x-rays of the specific section of the mouth that is causing the issue, which are used to correctly diagnose the issue and recommend a suitable treatment. Depending on the issue, the full treatment may not be able to be administered on the day. The patient may have to be sent home with medication to reduce the swelling, irritation or clear up the infection before the rest of the treatment, such as a root canal or deep cleaning, can occur. The medication will also aim to relieve a patient’s discomfort so that they can continue with daily life as unhindered as possible.

These exams are different to a comprehensive oral exam or a routine check up and should only be used or asked for in an emergency situation.

Common dental emergencies

The most common emergencies are broken teeth, persistent swelling or bleeding, abscess, pain when biting, inflammation around the wisdom teeth or trauma to the teeth from an accident. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or conditions, do not hesitate to contact 3rd South Dental for expert treatment. Emergency dental concerns should not be left unaided as they will only result in more extensive damage to your dental health.

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