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Dental Perio Maintenance

About Dental Perio Maintenance

An increasing number of individuals are suffering with symptoms of gum disease of all stages. Gum disease occurs when bacterial plaque is not removed from the teeth. Bacterial plaque is formed when bacteria, food particles and saliva form a sticky, colorless film that covers your teeth. If it is not removed, the plaque can grow and harden to become tartar that, when neglected, can infect the gums and cause the disease.


Early stages of the disease, which normally starts with gingivitis, include swollen gums that bleed easily, bad breath, pus between the gums or gums that look like they are pulling away from the teeth. These symptoms can worsen if left untreated and can result in chronic gingivitis, where the roots of your teeth can become exposed by the receding gums and deep pockets can form in your mouth and cause more decay. When chronic gingivitis advances, it becomes Periodontal disease, which can result in the individual losing gum tissue, bone and teeth.

What can be done

Our dentists work diligently to prevent, reverse, or offset the damaging effects of Periodontitis. If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, our dentists are able to diagnosis the stage of your condition through x-rays, measuring and checking your gums, as well as examining sensitive teeth.

Treatments include professional dental cleanings and a more structured daily oral hygiene
regime or changes to the patient's lifestyle and diet in minor cases. In advanced cases, patients may need tissue and bone grafts, and other surgical procedures.

Are you at risk

Certain factors do put some individuals at more of a risk of gum disease than others, for
example smoking, uncontrolled diabetes, poor nutrition, hormone changes, crooked and
overlapping teeth, no dental care and poor saliva production, among other factors.

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