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Dental Orthodontics

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Dental Orthodontics

You want your smile to look great. A widespread reason for dental visits is to improve the appearance of teeth and smiles. We want to help. We don't want anybody to avoid smiling because they are embarrassed about a dental issue. With today's available dental treatments and solutions, it's just not necessary. Our high-quality orthodontic care will help you build a smile that you'll want to show off as much as possible. A great smile that you're proud to display can boost your confidence and self-esteem. 

3rd South Dental is your one-stop dental shop for healthy teeth and gums, a functional bite, and a beautiful smile. We offer our high-quality dental care in a relaxed, comfortable environment, which will help you look forward to your visits rather than suffer from too much dental anxiety. Our services include everything from dental cleanings to dental orthodontics.

About Dental Orthodontics

Dental orthodontics can help improve your smile, but it is not only about the aesthetic appeal of straight teeth. It also deals with diagnosing, preventing, and correcting malpositioned teeth. Incorrectly positioned teeth can lead to other dental conditions. Crooked teeth are generally more challenging to clean, leading to cavities and decay. Crooked teeth can also stress chewing muscles, leading to headaches and muscular pain. 

Braces are the most common treatment for an orthodontic complaint. Braces, whether metal or plastic, can fix many orthodontic conditions.

Even if you're already happy with your smile, it's crucial to have regular check-ups with a trained orthodontist. We can ensure that your teeth are not only in good form now but that they will not develop alignment or malocclusion problems in the future.

Do You Qualify for an Orthodontic Procedure?

There are many reasons why you may need braces or other orthodontic treatments. Orthodontics can correct some common conditions, including:

  • An overbite when your top row of teeth sticks out too far over your bottom teeth. 
  • An underbite is when your bottom teeth stick out over your top teeth. 
  • A crossbite when your teeth are not positioned correctly when biting. 
  • Crowding, when there is not enough space in your mouth for all your teeth. 

Tooth misalignment issues can affect how you chew your meal. Chewing may be inefficient since you're chewing with your incisors rather than biting with your teeth, for example. This can cause problems with your digestive system and your general health. If you suffer from any of the above, you should contact us to set an appointment.

Treatments We Offer

Do you want straighter teeth but don't like the idea of wearing highly-visible, traditional metal braces? At 3rd South Dental, our dentists can help you achieve greater dental health without ever seeing a metal wire. Orthodontic technology has advanced in recent years, and there are discrete, effective options. We can use clear plastic molds, called aligners, to correct crooked teeth instead of wires and metal frameworks that are uncomfortable and difficult to clean. 

Some Additional Treatment Types

Beyond braces and aligners, Dr. Andrew Theurer and Dr. Cameron Call provide various treatments for various conditions, including:

  • Removable retainers stop the teeth from shifting back into their original position after the braces treatment completion. 
  • Jaw repositioning appliances that help correctly align when closing. 
  • Lip and cheek bumpers to prevent the lip and cheek muscles from putting pressure on the teeth.

The Best Orthodontic Care in Salt Lake City

For any advice on your specific condition and available treatments, look no further than 3rd South Dental. No matter your dental issue, we can help. Contact us today to set up an appointment, and we'll provide you with an informative consultation, a thorough evaluation, and some treatment recommendations.

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