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Dental Crowns


About Dental Crowns

One of the many dental services we offer at 3rd South Dental is the imprinting and affixing of dental crowns. 

What are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a customized tooth shaped cap that is placed over an existing tooth. Crowns can be made out of a variety of materials such as metal alloy, porcelain or composite resin. A crown is modelled after your own teeth so that it can restore a tooth’s normal shape, size function and strength.

Do I need a Dental Crown?

There are various reasons why one of our dentists may recommend you need a dental crown. This simple procedure is not only for patients who have chipped or broken their teeth, but can also be undergone for aesthetic reasons.

Dental Crowns can be Used to:

  • Fix a large cavity 
  • Replace a missing tooth by forming part of a dental bridge
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Strengthen teeth that are damaged, chipped, cracked or worn down
  • Replace parts of a tooth after a root canal
  • Cover badly discolored teeth
  • Reshape badly shaped teeth

What is the Procedure?

Placing a crown is a simple dental procedure that should take no more than two visits to 3rd South Dental.

Your dentist will first prepare the tooth that is to receive the crown by removing the outer layer of the tooth. An impression will then be made to ensure the crown will fit snugly in your mouth and function correctly. A temporary crown will be placed over the prepared tooth while the permanent crown is made. During your second visit to our rooms in Salt Lake City, the permanent crown will be fitted. Once the final adjustments have been made, the crown will be cemented into place.

What Happens After the Procedure?

Once the permanent crown has been cemented into place, you can eat any food as normal. However, it is a good idea to avoid particularly hard or sticky food for 24 hours after the procedure. This allows the crown to set firmly to the original tooth. 

A dental crown does not require any special dental care or maintenance as it functions as an ordinary tooth. It is recommended that you continue to follow good hygiene practices, which include brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing. 

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

On average, dental crowns last between 5 to 15 years depending on how well you take care of your oral hygiene and general ‘wear and tear’. Patients can extend the lifespan of dental crowns by avoiding hard and sticky foods , as well as grinding or clenching your teeth, chewing ice, biting fingernails, or using their teeth to open packaging.

The Cost of Dental Crowns

The cost of a crown is dependent on the material it is made out of. However, the general cost range a patient can expect to pay for a crown is between $800 and $1700. Dental insurance usually pays a portion of this amount. Be sure to check with your dental insurance provider.


At 3rd South Dental, we are committed to ensure our patients comfort and well-being. If you have any questions or concerns relating to dental crowns or any of our other services, do not hesitate to contact us and book an appointment.

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