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Crowns and Bridges - 3rd south dental

Many of our procedures that involve restoring the anatomy of your tooth also can improve the appearance of your smile. With dental crowns and bridges, we can help replace rows of multiple teeth and restore teeth after serious damage. If you are in Salt Lake City, Utah, and would like to learn more about the dental crowns and bridges that we offer here at 3rd South Dental, please continue reading. 


Dental Crown

Crowns in the dental world are artificial tooth caps, placed on a portion of a natural tooth, that are used to restore a natural tooth after the tooth has undergone damage or just needs replacing. A dental crown is made out of one of three different dental materials, metal alloy, composite resin, or porcelain. Each crown, when needed, is made to fit and resemble the anatomy of the tooth it is covering in size, shape, and shade. 

Dental crowns could be recommended in many different dental restorations including: 

  • Covering dental implants 
  • After the severe cavity has made it so that the majority of the tooth is removed 
  • Replace a portion of the tooth 
  • Cover a break or a crack in a tooth 


When seeing one of our dentists for care on a tooth, it is a possibility that they could recommend a dental crown if they see it fit. 

The placement of a permanent crown will be done within 3 visits to our office determining the amount of time it takes to make the crown and place it. There are many benefits to dental crowns but the most significant is that they are a permanent restoration and almost completely resemble a natural tooth. 



A dental bridge is a restoration used when a patient is wanting a row of teeth, 2 or more, replaced. Just like the dental crown, the bridges are made using high-grade dental materials; the only difference is the crowns are fixed together creating one restoration.  

When receiving a dental bridge, there are two ways to secure it to your smile, these two ways are: 

  • Anchoring the bridge onto two anchor teeth on each end of where the bridge is needed. 
  • By using dental implants, the bridge can permanently be placed and secured into the smile. 


Dental crowns and bridges have provided a way for many patients in Salt Lake City, Utah with missing or damaged teeth to once again have a full functioning smile. Please contact our office, 3rd South Dental if you are interested in receiving a crown or a bridge!