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Salt Lake City Dentist

Enhance the appearance and health of your smile with 3rd South Dental, a Salt Lake City Dentist. When you visit 3rd South Dental, you will meet the outstanding dental team and dentists, Dr. Theurer and Dr. Call. 3rd South Dental offers various preventive and cosmetic services.   What Type of Services does the Salt Lake … Read more

Cavity Prevention

Welcome to 3rd South Dental. Dr. Andrew Theurer, Dr. Cameron Call, and their team love creating beautiful smiles. We can help you maintain excellent oral hygiene and keep those cavities away with our competent, accommodating service. Here are some tips for cavity prevention.   Keeping Cavities Away With Good Dental Hygiene  Preventative dentistry focuses on … Read more

The Different Types of Dental Crowns and What We Offer

Dental crowns and tooth-shaped tooth caps have been used for years to help patients restore their smiles after experiencing severe tooth damage. Although our teeth are strong, when bacteria and decay accumulate and aren’t removed, our teeth are at high risk for permanent damage. At 3rd South Dental, we utilize dental crowns in multiple different … Read more

Cut Sugar from Your Diet for Better Dental Health

We have all heard that sugar is bad for our teeth, but it really is true. Sugar that sticks to our teeth after we eat something sweet feeds harmful bacteria. These bacteria can cause dental issues such as cavities or gum disease. Reducing the amount of sugar we consume can reduce the amount of harmful … Read more

Is Chewing Gum Good for Your Teeth?

Many people may view chewing gum as a type of candy, and therefore, think it can contribute to causing cavities. Although any sugary food, including chewing gum, can result in a cavity or other dental conditions; sugarless chewing gum has scientifically demonstrated that it can protect the teeth. How does Sugarless Chewing Gum Protect Teeth? … Read more

How to Clean and Preserve Your Dentures

Whether you have fixed, full or partial dentures, they need to be cleaned every day, just like natural teeth. Bacteria and plaque can still build up on dentures, even though they are artificial, so it is important to continuously maintain your dental health.   How to Clean Removable Full and Partial Dentures Remove your dentures … Read more

Regular Cleaning vs Periodontal Maintenance

It is important for all patients, especially those who have gum disease, to understand the difference between regular teeth cleanings and periodontal maintenance.   Regular Cleanings Regular cleanings are administered to patients who do not have the symptoms of advanced gum disease, such as bone loss, infections around the teeth, bleeding, receded gums, or exposed … Read more

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease, also referred to as Periodontitis, is a bacterial growth in the mouth that, if not properly treated, results in conditions ranging between inflamed and bleeding gums to the loss of teeth and gum tissue. The Stages of Gum Disease The first stage of gum disease is called Gingivitis. During this stage, bacteria in … Read more