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Your Child’s Teeth: Are You Cleaning them Correctly?

Our guide will help you correctly clean your child's teeth and teach them how to clean their own teeth in the future.

Primary teeth, or baby teeth, are one of the major factors in determining your child’s ability to chew their food correctly; the correct development of their facial features; the need for braces; and their ability to communicate effectively. Therefore, it is vital for parents to ensure their child’s dental health. Most of your child’s teeth…

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The Best Way to Clean Your Baby’s Teeth

Your baby's dental health is important from day one. Learn how to take care of your baby's first teeth with our simple guide.

Baby teeth, or primary teeth, usually begin to push through your baby’s gums after 6 months.  When baby teeth start to emerge, your child moves into the stage of development commonly known as teething. During this time your baby will be irritable and restless because their gums are sensitive and occasionally painful. It is advised…

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Why Do Dentists Fix Cavities in Baby Teeth?

A boy shows in his mouth where his baby teeth have made way for his permanent teeth.

Although a child’s first teeth do not stay with them for their whole lives, it is important they survive until their permanent, adult teeth are ready to emerge. Why Treat Cavities in Baby Teeth? Practicing good hygiene from a young age ensures that the baby teeth are healthy for the adult teeth to grow in…

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Help! My child lost a tooth!

Child looks at lost milk tooth

Help! My child lost a tooth! Whether it be through physical activity, eating or any other natural methods, children are bound to lose teeth. This is especially the case when you child is young enough to still be losing their milk teeth and there permanent teeth are slowly erupting through their gums. However, it can…

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